By recognizing their professional strengths, implementing training and mentorship programs, providing the required resources, and tracking and analyzing their career development advancement, we support the career ambitions of our female workers.

Job@ Yıldız Holding

As part of our “JOB@YıldızHolding Young Talent Program” all recruited newly graduates are being mentored by the professionals in our company and being supported throughout the program. Women make up %54 of the employees recruited as a part of JOB@YıldızHolding Young Talent Program.

Yıldız Holding Mother Mentoring Program

We have implemented our Mother Mentor & Mentee Program to support the adaptation process of working mothers who have just returned from maternity leave in our company. By opening up a space for our experienced mother employees to share their experiences with our new mothers; We offer Mentor & Mentee support and an interactive Training Program in the program we designed to support each other, inspire and contribute to their personal development. In the content of our training program, we go through every subject such as midfulness, attachment models between parents and their children, and the work and home life balance of our working mothers.

Mentor to Million Women

With the Mentor to Million Women project, which we started in cooperation with TurkishWin in June 2022, our female employees working in the STEM field receive mentorship support for 1 year.

Academy Şok Executive Training Program

Şok Markets created the Academy Şok Executive Training Program to increase the number of female employees, to advance female employees in their career journeys, and to advance in managerial positions. The program also aims to bring young talents to the company. The program, which started in 2020, continues in 2022 under the name of the Academy Şok Executive Training Program (MT Program). Since there are targets to increase the number of female employees within the scope of the program, it is among the main objectives to select at least 25% of the participants as female employees. The aim of the program is to appoint the candidates to the position of Regional Manager. The six-month training period is held in store in two-month periods. Candidates work as store sales representative for the first two months, as assistant store manager for the next two months, and as store manager for the last two months. During the process, they are mentored by the Branch Managers. At the end of six months, they are assigned to the relevant regions depending on their performance. Thus, female employees are supported in their career development. As a result of the program, a qualified workforce was brought to the position of Regional Manager and the number of female managers in this position increased.

Lead to Lead Mentorship Program

Bizim Toptan is getting stronger with the Lead to Lead Mentorship Program of Lead Network Turkey, which works to attract talented female workforce to the retail and consumer products sector in Türkiye, to provide information, experience and training support and to increase the number of female leaders in the sector. Through the program, the development of women leaders in the sector is supported in order to participate in the senior management and take a more active role by establishing a communication environment, experience sharing and mentoring relationship among the members.